Ville de Mérignac (En)

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With over 65,000 inhabitants, Mérignac is the second largest city in the Gironde department and the third largest in the Aquitaine region. Mérignac is the most important centre of economic activity in Southwest France, and has also set a new standard in terms of cultural and social welfare facilities.

  • The most important economic center in the Aquitaine region
  • 4,000 companies, including Dassault Aviation , TAT Sogerma, Laser Cofinoga, Oxbow, etc.
  • 35,000 jobs
  • 25 industrial estates


Mérignac, an innovative city

A shining example of urban development, Mérignac offers numerous resources and networks to enhance corporate development.

  • Bordeaux Aéroparc (aerospace industry and their sub-contractors)
  • Pôle Santé, Bioparc (pharmaceutical industry, surgical items, biodevelopment)
  • The region's most important retail sales centre
  • A European business centre
  • A regional convention centre...


Accommodation in Mérignac



   Please refer to the list.





Mérignac features one of the highest concentrations of hotel rooms in the Bordeaux area, with more than:

  • 1,800 rooms and tourist flats
  • 25 hotels and residential hotels up to and including the 4-star category

A major business and convention centre 

A wide range of chain hotels is located in close proximity to the city's industrial estates and the largest economic centre in the Bordeaux urban area.

Restaurants at local hotels and other establishments serving fine regional cuisine.

Going out in Mérignac


The Pin Galant

The Pin Galant cultural centre features: concerts, singing, theatre, dance, variety shows, etc.

1,390 seats in the heart of Mérignac.

Tickets can be purchased from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm either at the Pin Galant or by phone

Contacts: telephone +(33) 556 978 282, Fax: +(33) 556 976 396





At the Krakatoa,
1,148 seats for music performances with proper amplification and good acoustics.

Concert times: doors open at 8:15 pm, concert at 9 pm.

Contact: +(33) 556 243 429




Full price: 7 €, Reduced price: 5 €

Special low price of 4 €  every day until 7 pm, except for previews.

Programmes available at (24 hour answering machine)




At the Médiathèque media library

The Médiathèque media library

This large (5,600 m²) facility devoted to books and multimedia has more than 220,000 documents in an attractive, modern, and comfortable setting.

Featuring three floors and a basement, the Mérignac Médiathèque, or Media Library, is housed in two old buildings made of beautiful pale stone. These were formerly the Town Hall and Jules Ferry School. The two buildings have since been linked by a luminous, spacious glass atrium. This atrium also serves as the entrance to the Médiathèque, via Place Charles de Gaulle.


Enjoying Mérignac's beautiful parks

Parc de Bourran

Designed by the well-known landscape artist,  Le Breton, the Parc de Bourran has trees from all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as exotic animals. The park is a listed historic monument.

Opening hours, from Monday to Sunday

Summer ( 1 April to 30 September): 8 am to 7:30 pm

Winter (1 October to 31 March): 8 am to 6:30 pm


Bois du Burck

Open to the public, the Bois du Burck features three types of woods with pine, oak, and ash trees. The park also includes two fitness courses and a hiking trail.





Parc du Vivier

Mérignac Town Hall is located in this urban park which includes numerous species of trees, including a magnificent 140 year-old cedar of Lebanon. White and black swans, wood ducks, mandarins, herons, and a local turtle, "la cistude", can to be found in the park's ponds.

Opening hours, from Monday to Sunday:

Summer (1 April to 30 September): 7 am to 7:30 pm

Winter (1 Octobe to 31 March): 7:30 am to 6:30 pm


Sport and leisure in Mérignac

Stade Nautique

The Mérignac Stade Nautique (aquatic complex) is one of the largest in the Bordeaux region, with three pools and 240,000 admissions a year.

Avenue Truc 33700 MERIGNAC - Telephone +(33) 556 473 466

Please check for opening hours.

Please check for admission fee.


Tennis, Squash

La Roseraie, with covered clay courts


60, av. du Château d'Eau, 33700 Mérignac

Tel. 05 56 34 38 85


Real tennis (jeu de paume) and squash

369, avenue de Verdun, 33700 Mérignac

Tel. 05 56 97 51 12

Ambiance Squash

25, rue Neil Armstrong, 33700 Mérignac

Tel. 05 56 12 01 96



The international KART System track is in a location devoted to motor sports, and features facilities for groups such as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and meeting room. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, conducive to both work and relaxation. There is an approved track for international competitions as well as a track set aside for rentals.

Avenue Marcel Dassault 33700 Mérignac, France
Telephone: -  Fax:
Web site:


Retail sales centre

Mérignac has five separate districts devoted to retail sales, and over 100 franchise stores covering all sorts of products: clothing, household items, leisure, culture, automobiles, etc.

  • Carrefour,
  • Decathlon,
  • Leroy Merlin,
  • Office Dépôt,
  • Surcouf,
  • Virgin Stores,
  • Planète Saturn

Approximately 50,000 people a day frequent the Mérignac Soleil shopping centre.

With 815 retail outlets and 740 small commercial firms, local shops are also well represented in Mérignac. These local establishments feature sound advice from professionals, quality products, respect for consumers, a full range of services, and contribute a great deal to the city.